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Principal's Corner

Welcome to a New Year 2018 "The Other Side of the Den" January

“The Other Side of the Den”

Welcome to a New Year!  I hope each family enjoyed the holiday time with their children.  By this time all of you will have opened your special gift your child created at mini-crafts before the holiday break.

This year was the first year the elementary students signed up for three mini-crafts the week before break to create and wrap for their parents/special people in their lives.  The craft skills developed another type of learning students’ will use in life, called fine motor skills.

Fine motor skills include Postural Stability, Tactile Perception, Hand Function, and Bilateral Coordination.  Postural Stability refers to the big muscles of the shoulder which maintain the smaller muscles of the arms and hands so they can move freely in a controlled way. If students do not maintain postural stability the student might hold the pencil really tightly or may press really hard on the paper.

The second type of fine motor skills of Tactile Perception. Tactile perception is important because if the student does not have good touch feedback from the fingers, it is hard to use the hands correctly.  Students with poor tactile perception seem really clumsy with their hands, always dropping or letting items drop from their hands.

Thirdly, Hand Function is essential because the hand and finger muscles need to work together in order to control pencils and other small objects, as well as the wrist and forearm muscles. One of the best ways to practice hand function is through practicing cutting with scissors. 

Lastly, Bilateral Coordination is when the hands work well together.  Think about how difficult it would be if your hands didn’t work together to cut food on your plate at mealtime?  Tying shoes is another task which requires both hands to coordinate together to get the job done. 

So, when the students were completing their mini-crafts they were learning in a different, but yet important way and didn’t even know it!

Thank you for your continuous support of our educational endeavors.



Ms. Allison Pritchard

PK-6 Principal